About Us


Flute a premium boutique hotel, located in the heart of the city in the high end “C-Scheme” and is a stone's throw distance from “Statue Circle” and “Birla Auditorium”. Flute boutique offers a serene refuge of comfort and hospitality where Indian tradition and modern services are blended. The hotel has now become one of the landmarks of the city with its highly professional and delightful services.

It is closed to city-favorites, be it retail & shopping options, sight-seeing, or dining & entertainment hot spots. The endeavor at 'Flute' is to present our patrons with the best of both worlds. A world where they can enjoy a rejuvenating stay, cocooned in the luxury of peace and world-class services; but also a world where Jaipur as a tourist-destination can be accessed & explored with tremendous ease. Our aesthetic has been influenced by many traditions & cultures form around the world.

However, the hotel brings it all together in a thoroughly modern, tasteful, and elegant fashion; making for a cosseting and relaxing environment, ideally suited to a wide range of experiences. Be it building lasting memories during a family-vacation, a great Rajasthani-holiday, or even a special occasion such as a Wedding or Anniversary - at the 'Flute', it is our mission to create a tailor-made world for our guests. The 'Flute', always welcoming the weary traveler, where the soothing sound of music and the tune of tranquility awaits!